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Specifications: 30 tons per day
Texture of material: Steel products
brand: 中清環保
Model: ZQ-TP-20

Waste plastics treatment project

Project Development Background

Environmental hazards of waste plastics: it is difficult for waste plastics to be degraded directly in the natural environment, causing serious environmental pollution; a large number of additives such as additives, fillers and solvents added in the production process of plastic products will precipitate into the environment, thus polluting the soil and water. If waste plastics are contaminated, they will attract mosquitoes and flies and breed bacteria, which will endanger human health. From the energy point of view, plastic raw materials mainly come from non-renewable coal, oil, natural gas and other fossil resources. If waste plastics are not controlled and recycled, it will aggravate the energy crisis.

1. Hazard to organisms: Polymers that make up plastics are usually safe and non-toxic, but in order to improve the processing and use performance of plastics products, various additives need to be added. For example, in some PVC products, phthalate plasticizers with 35%-50% or higher content are added. In many plastics, stabilizers and colorants containing heavy metals are added. These additives can migrate to the external environment. It was found that these additives remained in the atmosphere, biomass, water, soil, River sediment, municipal sludge and other media, and decomposed slowly. Studies have shown that phthalates have estrogenic effects, can interfere with endocrine, and may even cause reproductive dysfunction. In addition, toxic and harmful monomers and toxic and harmful additives remain in the process of monomer polymerization and product processing, which are potential hazards.

2. Harm to soil and water resources: Agricultural plastic film plays a great role in improving land use efficiency and crop yield and quality. However, most of the plastic films used in our country are polyolefin films, which are difficult to degrade naturally, destroy the uniform distribution of soil properties and fertilizers, affect the absorption of water and nutrients, hinder the air exchange between the soil and the outside world, make it difficult for microorganisms to survive in the soil, affect the growth of plant roots, and ultimately make the soil compact and serious. Salinization of land, resulting in crop yield reduction, or even difficult to grow.

Brief Introduction of Waste Plastic Treatment Equipment in Shangqiu

Equipment advantages:

1. Continuous production can be more than 15 days, and plastic sludge and oil sand can be continuously produced for more than 30 days.

2. The pyrolysis furnace body adopts regenerator structure to fully recycle the waste heat, which can not only prolong the service life of the main furnace, but also save fuel. Therefore, the production cost can be further saved.

3. The equipment is equipped with a self-developed infrared anti-blockage early warning and dredging device, which is the exclusive anti-blockage early warning device developed by our company. During the production process, the pipeline blockage phenomenon is detected and the blockage problem is automatically solved to ensure that the main furnace will not have safety problems due to pipeline blockage in the production process.

4. A new type of waste gas purification system is adopted to make the gas discharged after purification meet the relevant national emission standards.

5. Furnace gallbladder is made of special high temperature resistant quasi-size boiler steel. Its service life can reach 8 years.

6. The company's own research and development of the accelerator, the use of oil yield increased by 3% - 8%.

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